What is GOweek?

GOweek supports Hyde Park’s mission by providing a unique opportunity for students to develop as servants and ambassador’s of hope: young adults passionate about making a difference in the world for the cause of Christ. Please join us in prayer for GOweek 2020 as our 4K to 12th-grade students will be serving in the Austin area, in the state of Texas, in the nation, and across the globe!

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It’s time to GO!

Hyde Park GOweek exists to expand and enhance the curriculum at Hyde Park Schools by providing the opportunity for every student to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically, through service. “GOweek” is a one-week program scheduled for the week of March 9th – March 13th.

GOweek is designed by the faculty and leadership of Hyde Park, to support a wide range of missions and service opportunities for the purpose of sharing hope through the gospel. Service ministry teams of 8-50 students, guided by Hyde Park faculty members, live and work together for a week of service, cultural immersion, and ministry. Students will deepen their understanding of all God is doing in the world around them, and how He can use their gifts and abilities to impact the lives of others.