Bahamas Day 2

What a great day!  Early morning devotional, then getting ready for beach day with 75 local kids.  We prepared lunches of  130 Hot Dogs, cookies and juice, and loaded up to grab the kids.  This is one of the kids favorite days of the year, lots of games on the beach, learning to swim, sandcastles, hermit crabs, and a picnic.  Our amazing HP kids played tirelessly for 4 hours.  We came home for a quick snack and then headed out to the bush to gather rock for our community project later in the week.  The kids filled the truck until dark!  After a we dropped our truck load of rock at the school we headed home for a great dinner prepared by our work crew – The West’s – so thankful for them!  Ended the night with praise and worship in the living room – with lead guitarists Jack and John and the voice of an angel – Mrs. Danks.