Up Up and Away to Spain!

Hi y’all!

We arrived at the Austin Airport around 5:30am ready to check bags and board our first plane to Chicago. We arrived in Chicago around 11am and didn’t leave for Madrid until 4:40pm. Arriving in Madrid around midnight (US) and 7:00 (Spain) we began our journey to Salamanca.

On our way to Salamanca we stopped at Avila for a rest stop and to see a medieval wall still standing. When arriving in Salamanca, we checked in to our hotel and took a quick break before venturing out into the Plaza Mayor for lunch. After lunch, we took a quick rest where we could shower, relax, and get ready for karaoke with the church’s youth group (ICHTUS). We sang, prayed, and discussed Psalms 146. Afterward, we went to dinner near Plaza Mayor. We went back to the hotel and got ready for bed preparing for church the next day!

Adios for now,

Spain Trip