#TeamColombia 3.10.19 – United Church of Bogota / The Dream Home

Today was the second day of our adventure in Bogota.

We got things started around 9am with a quick devotional, preparing our hearts for the events the day would bring. From there, we walked the streets for a bit (AS A GROUP, parents) before getting in the van and heading to church!

We were all pretty relieved when we pulled up and saw that it is actually an English-speaking church – that’s in the middle of a Spanish-speaking country. We got to attend the service at 10:45am and got to hear a great sermon, a Deacon’s testimony, and we got to see a baby girl get baptized! The church ran things just like a church in the U.S. would – except the music had a little bit of a latin-american spin to it. It was great!

Following the church service, we went to eat lunch at Crepes & Waffles! This place had two stories and we got to sit upstairs and enjoy our meal. The food was great, and so was the service – and we’re surprised the people who served us kept their cool because from spilling water to breaking plates, we were kind of all over the place.

Finally, after lunch, we headed to The Dream Home. This is a place in Bogota that houses 18-24 year old girls living in a home for the first time after living the vast majority if not all of their lives in orphanages and institutions. The girls are working on their college degrees in order to set themselves up for their futures. Some examples of the things they’re working to be are: being a flight attendant, teacher, and an engineer! We got to meet them, get to know them and the girls even danced with them! While the language barrier is a little bit of a wall between us, the smiles and laughter make the language barrier much smaller. Google Translate does too, I guess.

We then came back to the hotel and had dinner, and now at 10:00pm, everyone is headed to bed for an 8:45am start tomorrow!

Please continue to pray for our group as we continue to make memories and touch lives! We are enjoying Bogota and what it has to offer.

Thanks for reading!

Landon Smith