Day One- GoWeek San José

Today was both amazing and very tiring. We got to the hotel at around 12:30, and woke up for breakfast at 7:00. When we arrived to the work site it seemed almost impossible to build an entire house in the next couple of days- by the end of the day we were honestly amazed. Everyone worked very hard to get the work done that we needed, and we took turns playing with the kids as well. Part of the team painted while the other two parts worked on the construction side. By the end of the day we had all four walls completed, and we could not believe it. After a long day of work we returned to the hotel to shower, take a nap, or go swimming. Lastly we finished the night at a local restaurant for a relaxing dinner after a long day, followed by a short bible study and recap. I think overall everyone had an amazing time and was amazed at the results. We have already bonded as a team in many ways and we are excited for tomorrow! Please continued to pray for our team and the family we are serving!