Kigali and Kayonza, Rwanda: Day Two. 7:50 pm

IMG_0002.jpgYesterday, we started off our day with church at the Africa New Life Church. Pastor Charles, the head pastor and founder of Africa New Life Missions, led an AMAZING service.

Afterward, we drove to the Heaven restaurant for lunch. Many of us had amazing meals that lived up to the restaurant’s name.

Following lunch, we drove to the Rwanda Genocide Memorial. It was a heartbreaking and eye opening experience. We were able to learn a lot about Rwanda and it’s history. The Memorial included information about Rwanda’s culture before, after, and during The Genocide, as well as items that were found during The Genocide. For many Rwandans, The Memorial serves as a place of remembrance, honor, and the final resting place for many of their friends and family. (The Memorial includes mass graves for 250,000 unnamed Rwandans who were found afterwards.)

Soon after we all finished at the memorial, we were on our way to the Kigali Markets, where we all bought fabric that we plan to send to a seamstress for her to sew and create various items out of it. (Some of these items include, dresses, pants, shirts, bags, etc.)

We returned to the Guest House, awaiting a surprise. None of us knew what to expect, but whatever any of us expected, it couldn’t compare to what we discovered.

The Africa New Life Children’s Choir were waiting for us! They greeted us with open arms, inviting us to sit and enjoy a special presentation that they’d prepared for us. Their presentation was about an hour of song and dance, which we all enjoyed thoroughly.

The choir stayed with us for dinner, and we all got to sit and talk to them for a while before they had to leave. We took the time to get to know them and take many pictures with them.

We all went to bed that night, very happy and content, albeit, exhausted. 


Today, we woke up and had a meeting with Pastor Charles’s brother, Fred, who is another pastor who works with Africa New Life. He explained many things about Rwandan Culture to us as well as what our work would be like.

Afterwards, we loaded the bus and drove an hour to Kayonza, where the Africa New Life School is located. There, we toured the school and visited many classes. When it was lunch time, we walked over to the dining hall and prepared to serve the kids their lunch.

The kids were very sweet and they enjoyed talking and hanging out with us after they ate. We ended up in the courtyard after lunch, playing soccer, racing, and dancing.

When the kids had to go back to class, it was our turn to eat lunch. We had packed lunch back at The Guest House, and we went to the school’s library to meet and eat with the class representatives from the 12th grade.Â

After lunch there, we got back on the bus and drove to get a type of African Flatbread called Chapati. Many of our team members who had gone to Uganda in previous years had raved to us about how delicious Chapati was, so we were very excited to try it. I believe that it lived up to many of our expectations. 

Once we got back to Kigali, we met up with the Young Life group in Rwanda. We played games, sang songs, and talked to the kids for hours. It was sad to leave so soon after feeling like we had made many good friends, but we had to go back to The Guest House for dinner and devo.

Over all, our day was amazing, and I know we’re looking forward to tomorrow!