Kinder, March 11, 2019

What did we DO: Kinder used a lot of team work today creating their Costa Rica Visuals for the Cultural Fair on Thursday. Using rip art to create a giant flag, water colors for the country and string red, white and blue paper strips to make a giant paper chain. We also discussed how we would serve and show our appreciation for the AMAZING Haute Lunch team! The students hand delivered cards to each worker.

How did we FEEL: The students were eager to create cards that exemplified their best work, knowing how it would make the reviever feel.

Special MOMENT: Students were all SMILES running up to hand deliver their cards.

How you can PRAY for us: Keep Haute Lunch staff memebers in your prayers. They have worked so hard to create a lunchroom enviroment where they know your students names, take the extra step to theme the lunchroom to the season or holiday and always have an extra lunch for your child when they have forgotten one.