Pillow Elementary Day 1

Today, we had a great kickoff to the week. We have already developed friendships with the students and the teachers. We set the world record for most pencils sharpened in a day. We organized closets for teachers and worked on science experiments.

In Mrs. Rose’s first grade class we learned about Saint Patrick’s Day and helped the kids complete their leprechaun math crafts.

“My favorite part of the day was writing the raspberry song for the first graders. Raspberry, Raspberry, Raspberry, Rose..”

-Jared Diggs

In music class, the Pillow students learned to play the recorder with assistance from Ava Tucker.

“The kids needed a little more practice, but they are getting there.” -Ava Tucker

We all left with big hugs from the kids, and are all excited to go back and serve tomorrow.

-Kate Newman