Salamanca, Spain: church, exploration, and candy!!

Hola amigos!

Today was our first day waking up in Salamanca and venturing into the city. We woke up, had breakfast in the hotel, then headed out to Church for Sunday School and Service. At Sunday School, Santiago (a church youth leader) talked about being humble and surrendering to God, through the stories of a women prostitute who Jesus cared for. Two of our students, Jordan and Eliza, were so brave to share their testimonies with the Sunday school class. In Service, the pastor talked about how as a congregation we can come together and that if someone makes a bad decision the whole congregation should help and guide them to forgiveness.

After Church, we went to lunch followed by a quick rest time. As a group, we explored Salamanca and even went to a candy shop full of delicious sweets. Following this, we ventured out to the Roman Bridge, the Cathedral, and the University of Salamanca. Near the Roman Bridge in a park area, we had a devotional reflecting on our day at the church and how it differed from our culture. Afterward, we walked to dinner and then headed to the hotel for a good night’s rest before our day tomorrow.

Hasta Mañana,

Spain Trip