Team Philippines March 11th


That is hello in Tagalog or Filipino.

We are finally at our destination in Boracay. We flew on a 30 minute flight from Manila to Caticlan this morning. Once we got to Caticlan we saw the Masa Ati school and wow has it changed! I went on this trip last year and its crazy and inspiring to see how the school has improved! The school made us a wonderful lunch and then we went on a tour of the school and visited the classrooms. After the tour, we went through some of the Ati villages and came to a rice field. We had a group of kids and we sang songs, listened to a bible story, played tag and duck duck goose and gave the kids dinner. It was so much fun. We then left the school and came to the jetty port which is the ferry to Boracay where we are staying for the next few days. Before dinner, we went on the beach and saw the BEAUTIFUL sunset. We live on such a gorgeous Earth.

Everyone is so excited to go back to the school tomorrow. Please pray for our health and safety while we play and work for the Masa Ati school!!!