Washington D.C. Day 2 2019

Today, we started our day out at 7:30 A.M. and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel. Right after breakfast, we headed straight to the US Marine Corps Memorial in Virginia. We were able to walk around and pay our respects to the Marines who served us.

Soon after that, we arrived at our next destination, the Arlington National Cemetery. Our grade was able to walk around the 624 acres of land it covers as well as honor those who served our country. We also got to observe the changing of the guards and some members of our grade also found their relatives in the cemetery.

Quickly after our 2 hours at the Arlington Cemetery, we grabbed some lunch at the Pentagon Fashion Center food court.

After our lunch, we completed one of our community service projects by picking up trash for the National Park Service. We picked up trash near the Lincoln and Korean Memorials.

After our service project we went to The Kennedy Center and visited the venues it had to offer. We were even able to visit the rooftop and observe the views of the D.C. area.

After the Kennedy Center, we went to the Ford Theatre and observed where Abraham Lincoln took some of his last breaths. We also visited the room where he passed away across the street.

Soon after, it was time to eat!!! We ate at Texas Jacks Barbecue in Arlington, Virginia.

After dinner, we went to our final activity of the day, The Vietnam, Korean, and Lincoln Memorials. There, we were able to pay our respects to one of our presidents and several soldiers. As well as the memorials, we also saw the Washington Monument, and we took a “few” pictures.

We then concluded our night with devotionals on the buses and then headed to our rooms.

-Alex Alcorta and James Magruder