Arriving in Dundrum, County Down, UK

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Team Ireland landed safe and sound after a very long trip. So, we really enjoyed our first night of ministry to youth, even though we were a bit tired from the journey. It was so much fun getting to meet the students and we are so excited to get to know their stories! I will share more on that after we have another opportunity to interact with the students.

Today I want to tell you about meeting the Mission Discovery people, which was really exciting. Their main focus is for us to learn more about living a missions life style. Here is some of what we learned today and what we’ve been learning in preparation for Hyde Park’s Go Week. It will help you understand what we’re doing here and why we are on Go Week:

Missions are important because it is important to Christ, and it is important to those around us who have mentored and encouraged us to live a life which has spiritual impact and meaning. Jesus leads us in this desire, from His words and the leading of the Holy Spirit. We yearn to please Jesus and be part of His Great Commission to take the Gospel to all nations and all people throughout the world. One must understand that it is not enough to hear the Word, or to even be saved by Jesus. God wants our all! Missions are important because we must live out our salvation by proclaiming what Jesus has done for us and will do for others when they hear the Gospel.

A missions lifestyle includes actively praying, giving and going to spread the Gospel, and keeping the Lord’s viewpoint of this in mind as we set priorities and order our lives. This means living each day in a way that points towards our Savior and which draws those around us closer to Him. So, it means regularly praying for missionaries and for those who are lost, both near and far. It can also mean giving money to support missionaries and giving of ourselves to go on mission trips, and to be of service to those in need.

Some people think missions is only for full-time missionaries. Not true! Where ever a Christian is, they can do missions. Where we live now is not truly our home: we are already away on a mission to a world where we are strangers, if our Lord’s viewpoint is faithfully applied to our lives. Missions is educating others about the needs of the lost and the Christians (and missionaries) trying to reach them. It also means reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus, who are within our reach as friends, classmates and neighbors.

To sum up, let’s live a missions lifestyle by looking for opportunities to create a personal relationship with nonbelievers and believers. We can best do that by living a life that is honoring to Christ, filled with love, kindness and a willingness to help others in need. We are Christ’s ambassadors to the world. We must faithfully declare God’s truth in love, remembering to clearly state that Jesus is Lord, and He is the only and one way to an eternal relationship with God.

Well, that’s what we’re learning, and that’s what we’re trying to live out on our Go Week in Ireland. Please pray that we’ll make the most of every opportunity here and give thanks for our safe journey. Next time I’ll share details about our actual experiences here.

Allison Agthe