The Church on Congress Avenue- Day 2

If yesterday’s work wasn’t vigorous enough, today’s surely was! On our second day here at South Congress, we continued on where we left off yesterday. Many teams repeated their previous jobs, yet covered larger surface areas! Working as a team, we made an efficient effort to clear out some of our larger tasks.

The team of boys power washing continued today, their enthusiasm for this chore never-ceasing. They will continue tomorrow on the breezeway, windows, and nursery areas. (And for that, they are quite excited.) Another team that continues from yesterday is those who were steam cleaning, who somehow miraculously cleaned more chairs than yesterday!

Our painting team has also continued their work in the upstairs area. This team, led by Mr. Ruffin, has been hard at work so much to the point we hardly see them downstairs! The area they’re covering is massive, requiring lots of determination and perseverance.

There was a new group set to the task of cutting out 1,ooo VBS flyers today, and every time I saw them, there was a larger stack of flyers. How they don’t get tired of it at some point is beyond me.

My group worked on a more creative project. We were simply given a packet of instructions and almost all the materials we needed to build a ten foot tall tree and an eight foot tall waterfall. Our only problem was we lacked all of the power tools that the makers of the instructions had. So, with a hand saw, a cake knife, and sheer determination, we managed to build our bases and skeleton work. (Without any chemical burns or physical injuries!)

Overall, today was filled with hard work, but thanks to us working in an organized manner, we made a lot of progress. Without each other, there would be no way to get this massive of a job done. Most importantly, without God it would be impossible to tackle such a task.

I can’t wait to tell you all about what tomorrow brings!

Lauryn Ward