Day One – The Church on Congress

Day One at The Church on Congress- March 11 – By Brynn McGrath
Today we all woke up and were ready to work! We all met at the Church around 9 a.m. and we went straight to our duties. We all have different assignments for the week, but some of us rotated and helped others. Right when we got there Lily, William, Justin and I unloaded the van that had a bunch of supplies that we used.
Lydia, Olivia, Lauryn and Ariana went straight to work and worked together and filled Easter eggs and made preparations for VBS.
Boe and Omari did an amazing job power washing the concrete all day. Boe made sure to make it a good time by singing and talking to the people that were walking down Congress. He loved the power washer and found it very satisfying.
Harrison, Cailyr, Chase, Ryan, and Mr. Ruffin tore down the wall paper and started to repaint the nursery room.
Braeden, Braden, William and Justin cleaned and raked piles of leaves and tried to work the RugDoctor to steam clean the chairs without a lot of luck.
Lily and I started to redesign the website for the church, and we got to meet Pastor George and interview him. We learned a lot about the church and the history of the church.
Peyton did an amazing job of creating products for VBS, and worked with the coordinators for the church to make sure that it was exactly what they wanted.
Around noon we took a lunch break, some of us walked over to Home Slice and ate some yummy pizza. Some of the boys got to meet Seth Rogen. They were all very excited about that; they ran back inside to tell the news to everyone.
Braden and I filled many bags of leaves that the boys raked, and carried those heavy things to the dumpster. Mrs. Becak, Hayes and I cleaned some of the dirtiest windows and there were hundreds. Mrs. Becak and Braeden really loved spraying the windows, and made sure to spray the high ones, which I could not reach because I’m 5’1’’…We got a lot of our jobs done and we all had so much fun doing it all together. We are ready to go back and keep working on our assignments so that we can help the Church become a healthier environment for the people who attend the services, bible studies and more!