Devotional and Serving in Salamanca, Spain

Hola amigos!

This morning in Salamanca we went back to our partner church where we met Santiago, the assistant pastor of the Baptist church here in Salamanca. We played icebreakers to continue our knowledge of each other and become closer. Afterwards, Santiago led a devotional about embracing both our good and bad qualities because they were given us to by God. We should glorify all our qualities because he made us in his image. However, we also discussed pride and how to take criticism in a good way.

Following our devotional, we ventured into local parks where we cleaned up trash, such as cigarette butts (too many to count), mysterious chocolate milk, a pee bottle, wrappers, plastic, and more. Hailey got the joy of accidentally pouring the pee bottle on her hands, then Brannan graciously picked it up. Next, we enjoyed friendly games of soccer and basketball while waiting for our bus to arrive.

After enjoying a wonderful Spanish lunch with our friend Santiago, we toured la Universidad de Salamanca and got to learn about the university mascot (the frog) and the history of the university. Then, we took a siesta and relaxed a little before dinner time. We ate dinner at Famous Hollywood, an American restaurant in Salamanca!