Introduction/The Church on Congress – Day One

Hello everyone! I’m Lauryn Ward, and I’ll be the blog writer for this week’s Congress Avenue Church group. I apologize for the late start, but I promise by the end of this post you will be all caught up!

My team and I have been split up into a couple of groups to better tackle all the jobs we have at hand. Some jobs required for strength and endurance, while others required a little bit more patience and cautiousness. For example, we have one group of boys solely dedicated to power washing the sidewalks outside and another to painting a children’s nursery in the upper floor of the church. In the fellowship hall, members of our group steam cleaned chairs.

On the more patience related jobs, we have a marketing team working close with the pastor of South Congress Church to better improve their website and online advertising as other talented members of our digital media team worked on VBS handouts and fought printers. (It’s okay, we won against the printer.) There was also a second team whose main goal was to cut, laminate, hole-punch, and hang over 200 lanyards for this VBS and fill over 900 Easter eggs.

The church’s VBS theme this year is called “Roar!” and follows a very Lion Kind-esque style. Throughout the week, we will be continuing to aid the Children’s Ministry crew by setting up and building key stage pieces, making and distributing flyers, and getting the word out into the city with new and improved media.

Can’t wait to show you all the tasks we’ve completed as the week progresses!


Lauryn Ward