Jamaica Day 3:

“I loved going to the Jamaican School for the Deaf and being able to communicate with the students and being able to serve them.” – Lily

“I enjoyed being able to interact with the deaf children, and seeing their patience that they had with me. It was fun serving them and getting to know my teammates.” -Ashlynn

“I was pleasantly surprised with the patience that the Deaf students possessed when I was stumbling in my attempts to communicate with them.” -Desmond

“I really enjoyed being with the children and seeing their faces light up when we came to play with them.” -Benji

Isaiah 29:18 – Ellie

“I enjoyed watching my friends who don’t know sign language try and learn some signs so they could communicate with the kids at the school.” -Liv

“I enjoyed interacting with the deaf children even though I could not understand them, I could see God shine through them” -Chris

“I loved trying to communicate with the kids with my limited ASL knowledge. They are patient, kind, and full of love.” – Abby

“I am so incredibly proud of these young people, who worked HARD all day hauling sand, gravel and water and mixing concrete. No complaints. No whining. Energy left over to love on the children.” -Mindi

“It was great, coming back here for the third year, and seeing the results of our effort of previous years being used by the JCSD kids.” -Pete (McCarty)

“I have loved getting to know the people in this group. Everyone is SO fun, full of life and joyful and I can’t wait for the rest of the week. I love you family at home.” -Caroline

“My favorite part of the day was getting to sign with the little kids, they were so cute. It’s really cool to see the whole group get along so well.” -Mary Claire

“Today was absolutely incredible. Seeing how hard working everyone on the team is and how well we’re working together is such a God thing. The hearts of the people on this team and in Jamaica in general are so big and I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for us this week.” Elizabeth

“I really liked interacting with all of the Deaf students today and putting my sign language to use. I was so happy to see the students remember my name sign, and I loved seeing how our work we did last year has improved.” – Jackson

“Today was really interesting to experience the Deaf Community like that…It was not at all what I expected…it was so cool to see how the kids communicated with their friends in ASL just like we communicate with our friends in English…I wish I took ASL, it’s so cool!” -Ryan