Ukraine Day 2 – Cole Sayre

After a short nights sleep and a quick breakfast of pancakes, meats and cheeses, we loaded into the bus to head to the Day Center to meet our friends at LBM.

Playing some games with LBM staff.

We arrived and began to meet part of the staff that we hadn’t met yet. After a “short” introduction that took around 75 minutes, we got into our little red van and drove around to see the houses that were part of the Restoration Project:

“Many of our youth inherit uninhabitable property. The Restoration Project is an apprenticeship program, training a group of orphanage graduates to restore the apartments and homes of fellow orphans. Last Bell staff provide both construction oversight and mentoring. The young people who participate will become employable and able to participate in restoring their own communities.” – LBM

3 years ago, I had seen these soviet era (and some pre WW2) homes that had now been fixed up. It was amazing to see the difference and see the work that last bell had done.

One of the future Restoration Projects.

After some touring of the houses they were working on, we stopped back at the hotel to have some very reasonably priced dinner, before we dressed up to go play soccer against the Ukranian kids at Last Bell. During the game we took an early lead, and played quite well, but with twice as many substitutes, they eventually won. Day 2 was in the books!

-Cole Sayre