Washington D.C. Day 3 2019

Today, we started our day with breakfast around 7:15 this morning. We then headed straight for The Capitol Building. Our first stop of the day was The Supreme Court Building, where we walked around and observed the beautiful architecture.

Our second stop of the day was The Library of Congress where we had the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful halls of the building and a baseball exhibit. The building is known to be one of the prettiest buildings in D.C. and has thousands of books.

Our next stop was the Capitol Building. We went on a guided tour of the building and got to see many of the statues and pieces of artwork. We then ate a delicious lunch at the building’s cafeteria.

After the Capitol we headed down and across the Potomac River to Mount Vernon, where we explored Washington’s adult home. We enjoyed the hundreds of acres of land alongside the Potomac and the stunning house that stands on the land. We had the opportunity to visit most of the rooms in the house and enjoy detailed presentations of rooms in the house.

After Mount Vernon, we to Pie Pizzeria in Downtown D.C. We enjoyed some delicious thin and deep dish pizza. Soon after, we got to enjoy a treat at the Flagship Milk Bar near Logan Circle. We enjoyed various different desserts from Cereal Milk Soft Serve to Confetti Cookies.

After our dinner and a treat, we went to the 9/11 Memorial near the Pentagon. We were able to pay our respects to those who passed away during the attacks.

After the 9/11 Memorial, we got on the buses back to the hotel to do devotionals and get to bed.

– Alex Alcorta and James Magruder