7/8 Austin Day 3


5FFDD310-4B83-42EB-96FC-5936D2B6063E834A0BC4-2F37-4BF7-BCE9-78F41F12E7C86D4EDD0F-9CA7-44DB-A759-715C69AC9B3FA0D5365B-CDAF-4A51-A95E-7C5E381ABE09B13BA501-C09F-4537-820D-2A6A76CA91CA823ED75E-B2E2-417C-B74A-C07E59F5AA05.jpegWhat an exhausting day of serving we had today! We started today off at the Central Texas Food Bank helping organize, sort, and pack meals. We sorted 7,500 pounds of dry goods to make 6,250 meals for our community. We got to work alongside our 5th graders and it was so much fun! The energy that was in the packing/sorting room was incredible! It was fun to see the middle schoolers work alongside the 5th graders! After we got back to the Speedway campus and ate lunch, we went on a Prayer Walk around the Hyde Park neighborhood with our 4k and 1st graders. Seeing the smiles on our ES kiddos’ faces was the highlight of my day! We are excited for helping the ES tomorrow during their culture fair!