Central Texas Food Bank — 3/13

Our 3rd day of serving w/ CTFB has come to a close! We were back onsite at the Food Bank, but due to the rainy weather, our scheduled time in the garden was canceled and we went back to work in the kitchen, led by Chef Chris. Unlike yesterday though, the tasks given to some of the teams were a little different. For example, instead of cutting up carrots or beets, there was a team slicing pizza dough. There were still people working in the cooler, others working the tray line, getting food ready to be packed in the cooler, and part of those meals were salads, made with the vegetables the team had prepared yesterday, (which is pretty cool when you think about it, seeing how yesterday and today came together) and my dad and I were back on spork sorting. (If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I guess!)

Today, we prepared over 600 meals or so! Plus, I might add, another 3000 spork/napkin/straw kits. (I’m pretty sure by now we’ve gone through all the sporks in the entire world. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but 6000 sporks?!! I mean, come on!!!). So, another great day helping out right here in our community. Not to mention, there was another group of middle-schoolers and teachers in the warehouse today, doing what they could to help out. Just goes to show, you can never run out of opportunities to lend a hand! In our daily debrief, we discussed things that stuck out to us or made an impact during our time in the kitchen today. For example, when you think about something like sorting out bags of sporks 25 at a time, you’re probably not thinking, “Man, I really love this!! I could do this all day!” To be honest, that’s how I felt at first. Then, we ran out of kits. We told Chef Chris, and one thing he said really shifted my perspective: he told us how grateful he and everyone else working in the kitchen was that we did all that work, and that they would be well stocked with utensils for about 2 weeks! I tell that story not to brag, but rather to serve as a reminder that even the little things we do to help others and show kindness, especially those that seem annoying or pointless in the moment, really can go a long way.  In fact, Chris even told our entire group how hard we worked and how appreciative the kitchen staff was. God can do big things with even our smallest deeds and actions. What He requires from us is a big, bold heart to carry out His big, bold plans. Please pray that, as we go out to another mobile food pantry tomorrow, not only that we would be safe, but that our hearts would only grow with a passion to serve and love on God’s people, and that those same hearts would only reflect the goodness of Christ.