“Good morning, lads”: Learning to speak “Irish”

The craic is good in Dundrum. That means we’re having a great time.

We have learned to say “Northern Ireland” instead of just Ireland.

St. Patrick did not drive out the snakes, nor did he have anything to do with a shamrock so don’t say it.

We haven’t touched a potato in non “crisp” form.

Irish people will call you out immediately on everything. It’s savage.

There’s KFC here.

Pool is a huge passtime for teenagers in Dundrum. They toast everyone.

Fries are called chips.

When Irish people say they like country music, they will try to prove it by pulling up Florida Georgia Line, which is incorrect.

At least one Irish kid is named Wolfgang.

There are something like 1300 people of African descent in this country. None of them seem to be in Dundrum.

The grocery store in Ireland only has weird off-brand “chili heat wave” Doritos.

There are Irish people who know about Salt Lick barbeque from the show Man vs. Food.

There are kilts here but they came from Scotland. On boats.

Irish kids will mess with you and play on your ignorance for their own amusement for as long as they can get away with it.

Irish kids will hustle you for your money on a game of Uno but they’ll be too nice to keep it after all.

George is developing an amazing Irish accent.

If you ask the Irish to do an American accent, they’ll go New York first.

We hope you’re sucking diesel on this post. That means tracking with us.

Here is Kenny.