Jamaica Day 4:

“Today we prepared and poured concrete for the entrance of the deaf school. We were given the opportunity to sign and get to know the children. They are the sweetest and the happiest kids ever and they loved to play and take pictures with us.” -Liv

“Even though I spent my birthday working, it was so fun to work with everyone and sign with the little girls. Towards the end of the day two of the girls came up to me and started signing the birthday song to me and it made my day. The deaf students make the hard work worth it and so much more enjoyable.” -MC

“A 15 minute walk down the mountain from the JCSD is a cute little pre-school called Eden Basic School. There were 8 little boys there and a really sweet teacher named Miss Jones. We brought them bubbles and soccer balls and had an awesome time playing with them in the school yard. I had no idea how much joy a few bottles of bubbles could bring to some pre-schoolers! We taught them the Bible story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ then made friendship bracelets to give each other to demonstrate kindness toward your neighbor. The kids were adorable and it was an all around awesome time!” -Ryan

“After being at the Basic School, we headed over to West Haven. If you haven’t heard about West Haven before, it is a village with about 100 people ranging of many ages with severe mental and physical disabilities. This is my third time being given the chance to go here, and just like before it is an experience unlike any other. You expect to go in and for sadness to shower over the area, instead there is an overflowing amount of joy filling the hearts and faces of those who enter. From bubble-blowing to helping feed the patients to having dance parties to worship hip hop music, it is something that will forever hold a place in my heart.” -Elizabeth