Rwanda, 03.13.19: Azizi Life

Today we left the house promptly at 7:00 am, and drove about an hour and a half out to the Rwandan Mountians, to a small village where we were greeted by several women. They were part of a partnership with a company called Azizi Life, who allowed people to experience a day in the life of a Rwandan Villager.

The women invited us into their homes and taught each of us how to peel and cook a root called Cassava. Cassava is an essential part to a typical Rwandan meal. From there, the women took us to the fields, and they gave us the tools we needed to turn up the soil and cultivate the plants.

After our hard work in the feilds, we cut some grass for the womens’ cows and we fed them. We washed our hands and went inside their homes for lunch. There, we were able to ask many questions and talk to the women about their lifes and how it compared to our own. Many of the women had questions for us as well, which we were happy to answer.

After lunch, we took the water jugs and walked for twenty minutes down to the spring. We were shocked to see that many of the children were carrying jugs twice the size we were carrying, and yet, they didn’t seem to experience the same fatigue that we did.

We finished our day with the Rwandan women by learning how to make bracelets from the fibers of a local plant and singing and dancing.

We got back to the Guest House with about an hour before dinner, and many of us cleaned up and rested during that time.

Dinner was fantastic, and afterward, we celebrated Bailey’s birthday with cake and affirmations. IMG_0150.jpgIMG_0295.jpgIMG_0180.jpgIMG_0179.jpgIMG_0164.jpg