Rwanda, Wednesday, 03.12.19: Home Visits and Dream Kids

Today we took the fabric that we’d bought at the market to the Africa New Life sewing center to have stuff made. Some of us made shirts, some made skirts, others made dresses.

Afterwards we talked to some of the college kids about their work and how their college experience has been. Many of them told us about their majors and the jobs they hope to obtain one day.

When we were done talking to the college kids, we met with this one Rwandan woman named Jeane, who told us her testimony and how her life was changed by the Africa New Life Sewing program. Many of us were extremely touched by this.

After a teary-eyed goodbye to Jeane, we got back onto the van to go to Georgia’s Sponsor Child Home Visit, while Jill and Mrs. Turner went to visit Mrs. Turner’s Sponsor Child.

We had a great time playing with the comminuty children while Georgia met and talked to her sponsor child, and his family. We played scoccer, blew bubbles, and some of us were even blessed enough to be able to hold some of the babies.

It was an emotional goodbye, but we all knew that it was worth it, and we were excited to hear from Mrs. Turner and Jill about their visit. We met them at a restaurant similar to Chipotle, called Mezefresh, and we all caught up and talked over lunch.

After lunch, we went to the Africa New Life center to run a camp for The “Dream Kids.” The “Dream Kids” are the kids who are in the process of trying to get onto the Sponsorship List. They are required to attend school at certian times and have good behavior. If they do these things, as well as a few other things, they can become able to gain a sponsor.

We set up stations for the Dream Kids, including playdough, bingo, coloring and watercoloring, bracelet making, as well as outdoor games. We taught them how to play red light/green light, as well as races, sharks and minnows, and jumprope. We all had a blast, and by the end of the afternoon, almost all the kids came outside to play.

We closed the day’s activities with going to another market for souviner shopping. IMG_0103.jpgIMG_0113.jpgIMG_0138.jpg