Team Philippines March 12th

We had a full day of service at Masa Ati school. It was a tiring day but it was all worth it. Half of the group did tutoring with the kids and helped them with math and reading. The other half (the guys) dug a hole to help start building new classrooms. For lunch, Coach Clod took us to a river and we swam and jumped from trees. After lunch, we went back to Masa Ati school to tutor and dig holes again. After a little while we got assigned to 4 teams for the school’s foundation day. We got in our groups and played volleyball and basketball. The kids were really good at both sports and they pick up things very quickly. When school ended, we went to one of the four Ati villages to worship, read a bible story, and feed the kids dinner.

When the feeding ended, we took the ferry back to the Vista House to quickly change and get swim suits. We swam for about an hour before dinner. Everyone was really tired and fell asleep right after.

Please pray for the Masa Ati school and its Foundation day on Thursday. Also for our group to continue to have strength and finish the week strong!