6th Grade Days 3 & 4 — Service + Fun!

We started our super-rainy Wednesday by finishing up our care packages for the homeless and by making sure that all of our books were ready for collecting for our book drive. Many thanks again to the families that contributed books and materials for our care packages — we couldn’t have done all that we did without you!

We also recorded solo interviews about what service and GO Week activities and people have inspired us. Please check out the video below for some of our favorite videos!

Our main service activity on Wednesday was helping to prepare for the Batten Fun Run that we’re all participating in on Friday. We made signs for each grade level to hold as they begin the run! We had a lot of fun painting these signs, and we cant wait for you to see them during the run!

The rest of Wednesday, we took time to prepare for our chapel service on Thursday. The students are reading verses, performing skits and chants, and have put together a video slideshow — we will post the video here!

Thursday was our team bonding day. We worked on our chapel presentations some more, and then had an awesome scavenger hunt throughout the middle and elementary schools! We learned the address of the 6th grade science classroom, the number of elevators in the building that only go down, the number of cubbies in the school, and how many universities fit inside Mrs. Buechler’s room. After the scavenger hunt, we made time for more fun and team competitions. We played games, solved trivia questions and rebus puzzles, and even built tall towers with spaghetti noodles and marshmallows!

Before chapel, we ate lunch outside and spent some time just playing and enjoying each others’ company in the beautiful sunshine. Our chapel service was completely put together by the students. Students told the story of the loaves and fishes, and noted how the most amazing miracle was the small boy who wanted to help feed the people. We had another group of students act out a traditional and a modern version of the story of the Good Samaritan and related it to what we accomplished during GO Week. We had yet another group share a recap of all of our service work this week and relate it all to appropriate Bible verses. Finally, Mrs. Buechler shared this wonderful video that she made with the students. Please enjoy it!

Serve one another through love. – Galatians 5:13

Until next year!

-6th Grade Team Austin 2019