Bahamas Day 5

Yesterday was HOT!  We worked at the primary school all day.  Started by prepping an area for a memorial garden and cleaning weeds and weed barrier off of the playground.  Took at break at recess to play with the kids, worked a bit more and played with the kids at lunch.  We also had a sweet reunion with Reagan and Bianca who met on our first Go Week trip 4 years ago.  Reagan joined us again and Bianca has not left her side since!  We finished off the day by making 150 pillows with each kid in the classroom that’s about 7500 knots tied!  Then we got to do some PE with the kids to finish off the day.  With 85 deg and 100% humidity the kids were all sweaty and dirty so we made a quick stop at the blue hole and jumped in to cool off.  We came home to an amazing beef tenderloin meal prepared by the Wests!!!

Feel so blessed to be with your kids.