2nd Grade: Cultural Fair Thursday!

Today 2nd grade had a blast teaching Pre K, Kindergarten, and First grade all about JAMAICA at the cultural fair.  Students learned about popular Jamaican food, the quadrille dance, the rastacap, the national bird, the climate, and the animals that live there.  They also enjoyed listening to reggae music and hearing a kids story from Jamaica. Students tasted sugar cane, plantain chips, and drank Ting juice.  It was rewarding for the 2nd graders to serve the younger students at Hyde Park by teaching them and helping them make Jamaican mini books.  After teaching others, we had the opportunity to experience other classrooms.  We learned about Guatemala, the Bahamas, and Costa Rica.  We had a wonderful day and look forward to wrapping up our week tomorrow with the annual Fun Run to support research for Batten Disease.