Guatemala: Day 3

March 13

What an amazing way to start our morning!

Last night, Pedro invited us to join him in San Jorge to watch the sunrise. So about 15 of us woke up at 5:00 AM and got into a van. After a 10 minute drive, we hiked about a half mile to some rocks on the side of a mountain. It was absolutely breathtaking.

When we got back, we went to the school to perform a skit. Today was the story of Noah’s ark. After that, we went to breakfast then got to work.

The boys helped clean up the wood pile, some girls finished painting, other girls helped organizing the stockroom, and the rest helped the Tias with the babies.

After work time was lunch. They served a type of Guatemalan curry chicken that is the national dish. But, a few of us who hang out downstairs most days were invited by Anayancy to have tacos. She is the caretaker in charge of the older girls. Anayancy is definitely one of my favorite people and a major highlight of Eagle’s Nest. She finished chef school for deserts in December and while we were eating surprised us with a beautiful cake! We were so grateful. She kept saying how she had to make it so fast, but it was far more impressive than anything I could have made!

After lunch we had our last afternoon with the Manna kids. It was heartbreaking to see them go. They are a little different from the kids in the home and lots of people really enjoy pouring into them. Manna has been a very unique experience.

Finally, we hung out with the kids from Eagle’s Nest. It has been so great getting to form bonds with them and getting to now them.

Today marks the halfway point in our trip. We are very tired, but don’t want to face the reality that we will be leaving soon. This place is so special.

Prayer Requests

– Energy!!

– Safety with our zip lining and trip to Pana tomorrow

– High spirits as we face the end of the trip