Last Day – GoWeek San José

Last day was exhausting but well worth it! We began the day with a very early breakfast at 6:30, then loaded the bus for our excursion. We split up into groups and went on an amazing white water rafting trip which really brought everyone together and was a great way to relax and play after days of work. We ate lunch after the rafting trip, then loaded the bus for a small road trip in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica. We visited a scenic waterfall on the way to our last destination. After the waterfall, almost everyone fell asleep on the bus ride. We arrived at the souvenir shop and restaurant where we were given a tour about the art and tradition of the town- then we shopped and ate dinner. After quite a long and fun day we loaded the bus and began the drove back to San José. Everyone had an amazing last day, and we truly got to see how we had all come together after only a few short days. Tomorrow we will be leaving bright and early for the flight back to Austin. Pray for safe travels!