#TeamColombia 3.13.19 – La Casa de La Madre y El Niño

Day 5: It’s rewind time.

We got to sleep in today, if you count 8am or so as sleeping in. We got up and had breakfast and a student led devotional from Molly, Ryan and Nick. We then headed for the bus and drove to our first destination of the day.

Our first stop was La Casa de La Madre y El Niño (Casa 2), a home for boys and girls that have been selected for adoption – they stay there for the months ahead of their move to their new home. We got to hang out with these kids for a couple hours and tour their home. It was probably the nicest we’d seen yet – the rooms were more personalized with stuffed animals, etc, and they were colorful too! These kids told us about their families they were about to be a part of, and told us where they were headed, too – some to the United States! We played ping pong, arm wrestled, packed snacks for them, and got to know them – seeing these kids so happy and full of hope for the future was so great!

We walked the kids out to their bus so they could go to school and we headed out to a mall for lunch! We ate at a restaurant that had a large variety of different foods, from sushi to salads, and after lunch we explored the mall for an hour or so before meeting back up and heading to our next stop.

Around 3pm, we arrived at La Casa de La Madre y El Niño (Casa 1), a home for boys and girls with a high level of care. Here, we started by learning about the home and meeting the kids! We were divided into groups and we all went and did things with the kids – played with them on the playground, worked on homework with them, or held them – there was one age group that was special in particular – babies! And members of our team went in to help feed them, hold them and care for them. It was adorable.

Towards the end of our visit we got to hear the stories of five kids in particular in more detail, and hearing what they had gone through rocked our worlds. These kids that we met today are so strong and fierce. They show so much love and care and they were all over us while we were there. They loved on us as if we were family even from the first moment they saw us.

One detail we got was that these kids live the same lives every day. Not a lot of exciting things happen. Same people every day, same school, same activities. So for something so exciting to happen to them today is a real blessing – memories that will last a lifetime for these kids.

In tears and full of emotions, we departed Casa 1 and headed for dinner. We ate at El Carnal and had Mexican food. It was great – and long story short, Nutella on top of a cheese quesadilla is not as bad as you think.

We then headed back to the hotel, after hitting the ATM, debriefed, prayed, and went to our rooms.

Tomorrow we get to do some sightseeing! Please pray for our safe travels around the Bogota area! We can’t believe this trip is flying by so quickly – we are loving it.

Thanks for reading,

Landon Smith

This wall at Casa 1 shows kids who have gone through the home. Many hallways are filled with photos like this