Washington D.C. Day 5 2019

Today we started our day at the hotel, with our last delicious breakfast of the trip. We then grabbed our suitcases and said our goodbyes to the hotel. After that, we got on the buses and headed to the Museum of the Bible. The museum featured many interactive exhibits and gave us a deep look into the stories of the Bible. At the museum we were able to eat a delicious lunch on the 6th floor of the building.

After the Museum of the Bible we went to a Washington D.C. essential, The White House. We were able to walk around the exterior of the building and take in the centuries of rich history the building contains.

After The White House we said bye to D.C. and went to The Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. We got to see the metal sculptures that span many feet into the air. Our group even had the opportunity to watch a re-enlistment ceremony at the memorial.

After the memorial we said our final goodbyes to our trip and headed to Regan National Airport to fly home. We got to the airport and ended our very successful visit to Washington D.C.

– Alex Alcorta and James Magruder