Wed March 13th, 2019 Community First! GO-Week Blog

Today was more of a relaxed day. We got to community first at 9 AM while it was raining, and Dr Coy took us to Don’s BBQ as breakfast during the rain delay. We started out work by meeting up with Daniel and Will by the pavilion and sanding out tables as Mrs Jordan would paint them with the wood-stainers. Later on, we would be split into groups, Dr Coys working on washing down the RV’s while Dr Creasy’s group was sanding down and staining the picnic table . During the middle of the day, we had lunch under the pavilion and enjoyed some good sun rays during a particularly sunny day. Afterwards, we continued our work as the tables were sanded to almost smoothness perfection;as the RV’s were also washed thoroughly as Daniel politely asked the residents if we could wash their RV. Overall, Wednesday was a more relaxed day, yet we were able to accomplish a good amount of work whilst also putting in a good effort. Good job, Boys.