Church on Congress Avenue-Day 5

Well, well, well, we made it! Today’s the last day! While I’m sad that I will no longer be able to write this blog, it amazes me just how much we got done this week. Our marketing team left with a new completed website, the painting team completely finished, the VBS team with beautiful sets, and the power washing and steam cleaning teams finally finished.

Today, all we had to do was wrap up the loose ends of the tasks we had yet to complete. Our entire team shared the love as we took turns doing one task after the other, as none of these jobs really fell perfectly under our required mini categories.

Power washing was finished this morning as one group set up a bouncy castle for an upcoming event this weekend. Other groups cut out more flyers in the office as the marketing team wrapped up on the website.

Certain groups were sent to the back of the sanctuary to clean toilets and bathrooms that hadn’t been used in a while. (And let me tell you, those stains did not come off easy.) During that time, others were hosing down and thoroughly washing tables which were later dried and then disinfected.

Overall, we got an immense amount of work done in a short amount of time, saying we weren’t even there for full days like other GoWeek teams. We couldn’t have done it without your support and prayers and without each other too. (And maybe snack breaks, if I could add it as an honorable mention.)

Thank you for following along on this fun trip with me this week. It’s really been an honor to write.

Hope to see ya on the blog next year!

Lauryn Ward