Guatemala: Day 4

March 14

Today has been very bittersweet.

This morning, we went zip lining after breakfast then ate and shopped in Panajachel. The zip lines were so much fun! There were 7 of them that went over and through the jungle. Lunch was definitely needed to regain some energy before browsing around the countless vendors and stores.

We will be leaving at noon tomorrow, but the kids will be in school. That means that our goodbyes are happening today. We have been so blessed to work at a place like this.

Tonight was very difficult. Not only were we crying, but the kids were crying to. Goodbyes are always the hardest part of this trip. We always come here hoping to make an impact on the people of Guatemala, but without fail, they always end up impacting us too. The sweet kids and amazing people we have met here will be in our hearts for the whole year. The seniors are heartbroken that this was their final trip, but are already planning to return after they graduate. Eagle’s Nest is truly a life changing place. If you ever want to see God’s plan on action and be able to sense Him around you, visit Nido Del Aguila.

Tomorrow will be a day full of travel. I will post from the hotel at night. That will be the big photo dump, so this is the last official blog!

Most of tonight’s photos did not upload, but expect lots tomorrow night!

Prayer Requests

Safe travels home

– For the kids to understand how much we love them

– For us to have reflective spirits upon our return home