Jamaica Day 6

Hyde Park Families!! I am enjoying every moment with my group here in Jamaica. This week we have discovered certain needs for the people in Jamaica. Our hearts break about how little if anything the teachers get paid at JSCD. Every teacher has been given a big heart for teaching and a passion for the deaf community. They love the kids so much that they sleep at the school and work long hours and visit their families during the weekends. As a team, we want to fundraise money to pay for the teachers’ salaries. We are more than blessed and we have so much to give. Another need is money for the seniors to have to go out and provide for themselves. Miss Sophia, director of JSCD has so many ideas for these seniors and what they could use this money for. God is so good and he will provide but it has been put on our hearts to help out in any way. Be praying about ways you can give if you feel led to help. We want to have a fundraiser for JCSD, WestHaven and the Eden Basic School. We have so many stories to tell. Excited for how God is going to use us to be a small part in the lives of many in Jamaica.

-Caroline and team