Team Philippines March 13th

Today we went to Jubilee school, a sister school of Masa Ati school. At the school, half of us tutored kids and the other half painted a ceiling of a giant room. After working for a couple hours we went and got Jonah’s shake. They were delicious!! As we drank our shakes we went back to Vista house to eat lunch. When we finished eating we got ready to go island hopping!

We had three stops during our island hopping trip. First was Magic Island where we did cliff jumping. Everyone really enjoyed it! We even made Koy jump and had the whole island shouting “Go Koy!” Then we went snorkeling at the other two stops and saw some really cool coral and fish!!! I got videos of it on my gopro so I will post those soon!

Once we got off the boat we went back to the house to get changed for dinner. It’s been a wonderful night. The Philippines is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly.

Tomorrow we have Masa Ati’s foundation day. We’ll have another big day of playing games with the Ati. Continue to pray for the Ati community and for strength for our team.