#TeamColombia 3.14.19 – Salt Cathedral

Happy Pi day!

We began this morning with breakfast and headed for the grocery store immediately after. We then headed for the bus and headed towards our destination for the day!

After a long drive, including traffic and jamming out to Don’t Stop Believing and Livin’ On A Prayer as a group, we arrived in Zipaquirá, Colombia at the Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá (Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá). This is an underground cathedral where 3,000+ people come every Sunday! Everything is made of some kind of salt/rock (except a couple places with marble and other materials) and there are roughly 20 stations that tell stories about the life of Jesus Christ. Every station had a twist to it and when we went into the caves we were given little radio type things to hear descriptions from each station (thankfully in English).

We walked throughout the caverns and were able to buy souvenirs before leaving the Salt Cathedral. We got some cool pictures – check them out after you finish reading!

We then went to lunch at a place a few minutes away from the Salt Cathedral and had a good meal – again accompanied by music, like dinner on Tuesday night! After we were done with lunch we headed to another place to get some dessert, and then we drove back to Bogotá.

The drive back was especially fun. Almost the entire ride, almost everyone in the car was in on playing some games with each other – my personal favorite was one where you would point at someone and ask them a completely random question (along the lines of “why are you built like a cheez-it” or something completely bogus like that) but they don’t answer – instead ask someone else in the group another random question. It’s a little hard to explain, but if you got asked and didn’t have a question ready to ask someone else or if you got stuck and didn’t say anything/asked someone who was already out, then you were out. It got really funny and it was really fast paced.

Once we got back we rested at the hotel for about a half hour before heading to the Andino Centro Comercial (Andino Mall) to hang out, shop and eat. Some ate at the mall and some went out to eat at a sandwich place after we were at the mall. Eventually everyone was back at the hotel and we are now in our rooms ready to get to bed.

Tomorrow is the finale of our trip before our departure on Saturday morning. We plan to visit one more home and do a couple more touristy things. Please pray that our last day goes well and we get enough sleep tomorrow night to support getting up at 4am to fly out!

Thanks for reading!

Landon Smith