The Church on Congress-Day 4

It is with great pride that I may write that as a team we have already finished a majority if not almost all of our projects! Of course, this achievement could not have been completed without vigorous work and coordination.

My apologies to the marketing team, as I have seemed to have forgotten them in my rundown of the teams. (Must’ve gotten hit too hard in the head with the VBS tree branches!) The marketing team has been hard at work revamping the church’s website, even interviewing the pastor for it. To see the work they are doing you can check it out at:

With this new day comes a new scramble of jobs as we try to wrap up what’s left of our list of things to do. Those who were power washing kept on it today, with a little bit of work left to do tomorrow. The steam cleaner itself happened to malfunction so our quest for steam cleaning all the chairs has been stopped until further notice.

Those who were painting have mainly completed the entire upstairs area! This job took a whole lot of effort and time from multiple members of our group, and having it done is quite the relief to all of us. (Except for cleaning all those paintbrushes, that took way too much time!)

The crew working on the VBS sets managed to complete both the tree and the waterfall today! (Despite having to restart the waterfall right before lunch.) I don’t think any of us want to use masking tape for a major project again, but we got our job done and are excited for what we’ll be working on tomorrow.

Finally, a group went out today to pass out flyers for the church advertising for VBS. This allowed our team to get a better glimpse into the surrounding community and form relationships as students of Hyde Park Schools.

Today’s work seemed impossible at the start, yet we came out on top. It amazes me how powerful we are as a team! As we’re wrapping up here at Congress Avenue, I thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, and ask for one for day of them!

I’ll see ya tomorrow!

Lauryn Ward