Bahamas Day 6

IMG_1015IMG_0961IMG_1035IMG_1005IMG_1010IMG_0955IMG_0970IMG_1000IMG_1045Best day yet!  Today we had an all day VBS for Treasure Cay Primary.  We started very early this morning prepping 150 hot dog lunches and headed to the school at 7:45!  We set up 12 stations of mini rockets, basketball whiffle ball, soccer, paracords, ring pop walks, polaroids and many more!

We had kids assigned to each grade and they had them all day – for 7 hours!  We started in the classroom writing our verse on shirts: Eph 2:10  “We were created in Christ, Jesus to do good works” and we taught them the Praise and Worship song and dance – Every Breath I Take!  Yes, even the boys learned the dance during our evenings at the house!
Then our kids spent the day rotating to different stations every 15 minutes – they went from station to station shouting their team chants and ended all together with a great talk from Coach Carp and a dance party!  We also had all 150 kids sing Happy Birthday to Ms. Kammy who has been tirelessly cooking our meals and doing everyones laundry daily!
Finally home at 5:30 to see how the locals climb coconuts down from the tree and open them with the machete!
We rewarded the teams hard work with dinner on the beach!  Your kids had their patience tested today with some having as many as 33 kids to two leaders in the class – they handled it with amazing grace!
Technical difficulties loading photos – Stay Tuned!