#TeamColombia 3.15.19 – Nuevo Futuro + Exploring Bogotá

Today was the finale of our trip to Bogotá.

We started with breakfast and then headed out for the day.

We started by driving out to two different places – but both were part of the same program – Nuevo Futuro. These homes house girls who are going to go to the Dream Home (which we visited on Sunday) in the future. We got to see the homes and heard the story of a girl that is preparing to go to The Dream Home. (We went to a bakery in between the two NF homes. I think we all might be a little sick of empanadas at this point – we’ve had so many)

We wrapped up at Nuevo Futuro and afterward we went to eat lunch at a sandwich place nearby. After that we went to a marketplace in Bogotá that had all kinds of cool stuff – from mugs to Rubik’s Cubes to shirts to hats to keychains to masks to instruments and ALL kinds of stuff. We shopped for a while and then went to our final stop for the day.

This was awesome.

After waiting a little while to get tickets, and riding up the mountain, we got to the top of Mount Monserrate. Up here we got an incredible view of the city and took lots of pictures – check em out when you finish reading!

We then ended with dinner and for some, a quick run to the grocery store.

Our group did not know each other well when we left for Bogota but tomorrow we return to Austin a family. We fly out at 7:20am. Please pray for our safe travels!

Thanks for reading!

Landon Smith