#TeamColombia 3.16.19 – Home

We flew home today! It all started around 3:30am where we all gathered downstairs at the hotel to hop on the bus and head to the airport. We got there, checked our bags, got through emigration and security and headed for the gate where some of us napped for a bit before getting on the plane and flying to Atlanta from Bogotá.

We landed in Atlanta at around 1pm Eastern Time after a nearly 5 hour flight. We had about an hour between landing and boarding of our connection back to Austin – and in that time we needed to get through customs/border patrol, get our bags, check them again and go through security again, and get to our terminal/gate. This doesn’t seem impossible but it took our bags some time to come out, but once they did everything went fine and we even had time to grab food.

We ate and boarded our flight to Austin (except for Brad and Gracie who went to a different flight to meet their families in Colorado for spring break) and flew home. It was a quick 2 hour flight home and we landed just before 4pm Central Time.

In the blink of an eye our trip is over and It feels like just yesterday we were at this airport taking our first picture with the flag. Now, a week later and we’ve come back as better people than when we’ve left. God has done incredible things this week and it’s been amazing to see our group work together and grow stronger bonds with each other as well as touch the lives of the many kids in Bogotá this week that we had the opportunity to visit.

Speaking personally, this was absolutely one of the best weeks of my life if not THE best. I can’t be more thankful for the opportunities that GOweek brings to Hyde Park students. It’s a special thing that I hope Hyde Park continues to do forever.

Thanks for reading the blog this week!

Landon Smith