Ukraine Day 6 – Katherine Sanchez

We started the day off heading to the shelter where the mom’s within Last Bell and their children stay. Our objective for the day was to make an American themed lunch for the English camp campers and staff of LBM. Once we arrived at the shelter, we split up into two groups: one walked to the market to grocery shop and one helped take care of the kids back at the shelter. We decided to prepare spaghetti, garlic bread, and a salad. They all seemed to enjoy the meal, some even tried to put barbecue sauce on their salad. They were very grateful that we prepared a meal that we eat often in the states.

US/Ukrainian gals.

After we ate, we continued the English lessons and taught them days of the week, common household objects, and useful conversational phrases. When the lessons were done we all joined together to play some games. We played one game where one person had headphones on and tried to accurately sing the song of the other culture and the other person had to guess the song. It was one of the hardest things to sing in Ukrainian, but they seemed to have an easy time singing in English. Andrey showed some recap videos he had made throughout the week and the staff also announced the winner of the city-wide scavenger hunt the night before.

Dylan attempting to sing a Ukrainian song.

Later we joined some of the Last Bell community in going to YoungLife. There we played a game of bean boozeled, a game where you eat a jelly bean that either has a good taste, or a bad taste. For example, strawberry-banana smoothie or rotten egg. The Ukrainians loved the game and the prizes we handed out. Dylan, Cole, and Luke also shared about their time in American YoungLife and Kaylee talked about what Christianity was like in the United States. We worshipped together and then went on a night walk around Zhytomyr for about 2 hours. Overall it was a wonderful day and it was so sad having to say goodbye at the end of the day.

YoungLife: Ukraine Edition.
Zhytomyr night walk.

-Katherine Sanchez