Sunday, Rwanda: Last Day

Today is our last day in the beautiful country of Rwanda, and I know that we will all miss it and its people a lot.

We started today with attending Church and listening to a sermon with Pastor Charles. Aftweward, we went to a market for last minute souvenirs and then to go get coffee at a coffee shop called Question Coffee. Question Coffee is a coffee house that is serviced by over 30,000 Rwandan Female Farmers. They provide jobs and finances to these women, and in the process, they have ended up earning various awards for the quality of their coffee. We went to get lunch at the Guest House, before picking up all of the things we had made at the Africa New Life Sewing Center. At the request of some of our team, we were able to go tour the Africa New Life Hospital! It was besutiful and for only 50 US dollars, a person could stay the night, get treatment and meals.

We went back to the Guest House to pack up and get ready to leave!


Below are some highlights of the week: