Bahamas Day 7

We had a a trash container delivered to the Sandbanks and arrived in the morning to start cleaning up.  The community is filled with trash partly because they don’t really have anywhere to put it!  The last few years during GoWeek we have loaded up trucks and hauled off trash with just a little help here and there from women in the community.  We always engage the younger kids not in school to help us – hoping to teach them new habits!  This year, with the container in place and a plan to have it emptied monthly – even the men in the community joined in to help.  In just a few hours we filled an entire 30 yard container with another pile that will fill it again!  It truly was an incredible experience to be working with the community instead of just for them.  Our HP kids were lifting cast iron tubs, hauling freezers that had been sitting full for probably months or years (YUCK!), and filling bags and bags of trash.  In the end we had hugs and God’s blessings from people in the community!   Needless to say that everyone needed a quick rinse before we headed to the school to finish our garden and play with the kids one last afternoon.  Hot and tired your kids stepped up to mix concrete, finish setting rocks, haul soil and plant seeds/plants to complete the memorial vegetable garden for a teacher that helped us get our ministry started.  Just as we finished the bell rang and we were able to play with the kids for an hour while they waited for the bus.  The day not yet over 🙂 we headed to the community for last good-byes, helping with homework and a few tears.  Our HP kids truly had an impact on everyone in the community!