30,000 Feet

Internet was hard to come by in LA. But I was able to throw together a video of our week 30,000 feet in the air somewhere over California in 14AThat’s crazy. I made a video on the plane and here it is, if it will upload here. May Something they carry away from this trip bear fruit and make all of us across 23 high school trips a little more alive in God.

I pray that each student would carry from this mission trip and their HP high school days flames of TRUTH, a flame that God will fan for the rest of their lives. Isa 60:2. A white-hot flame they carry to college, to work, to marriage. May that flame guide them to their next chapters. We tried to throw a couple of pieces of kindle on the fire in LA. May God light them for their worlds. March on, dear souls, be strong. Not living 30,000 feet above but present in our world with faces like a flint. Run with the Vision. #hpgoweeklosangeles