Guatemala – Day 1

Today we served at Down Home Ranch which is a residential facility for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Is is a beautiful place with all sorts of activities for the residents, who they call Ranchers. When we arrived at the ranch, we split into two groups. One group hung out with the Ranchers in their dining hall while the other went to clean out their golf shed and game shed. The Rancher group had a jam session (2 ranchers had guitars!), did arts and crafts, played games, and did puzzles. The clean up group emptied out each shed, cleaned and organized the supplies, and put them back neatly with the help of some Ranchers. Next, we got to eat lunch together with the Ranchers then we split up again. This time, the shed group hung out with the Ranchers while the other went to help with a horsemanship class. The shed group set up a volleyball net and played volleyball with the Ranchers. The second group helped the Ranchers brush and clean the horses, then walked them through a small obstacle course. Finally, we finished out the day by playing volleyball with the Ranchers and doing karaoke together. 

It was so amazing to see such a wonderful organization and tight knit community. Today we ask that you pray for the Ranchers and staff at Down Home Ranch and pray for our service tomorrow with Foundation Communities.