Pillow Elementary – Day 1

On the first day at Pillow Elementary, our group split up into smaller groups of two or three people and each headed to different classrooms. Our main objective of the day was to meet the teachers and kids we would be working with for the rest of the week and start our teacher-assigned tasks. Group member Jared had the opportunity to meet the kids and also got to read short books about planets to a class of first graders. During that reading time, he let the children ask any questions they had about the book, and he got to know them better by introducing himself and talking with them. Other members like Jeffrey and Jason did not start out working with kids, but helped teachers organize school supplies. Group member Susie had a special moment while teaching a third grader how to write an essay.

Although Susie says she is not the best at writing, she enjoyed teaching the students the basics of writing an essay and some of the things she had learned from her own experiences at school. The first day at Pillow Elementary went well for our group, and we are excited for the week to come. We ask that you will pray for our continued strength in the coming week so that we can serve the students and teachers at Pillow Elementary with a willing and passionate heart.