Ireland – Day 1

Today we had the opportunity to help some friends out with preparations around their service and work for the community. After meeting our team at the Hyde Park high school campus, we sat as a group and listened to an encouraging message about our GoWeek mission. Following a reflection, we packed up and headed to St. Luke’s on the Lake Episcopal church to give a helping hand to our sweet new friends. While boarded on our bus, we listened to worship music and spent time getting to know each other, which made us excited for the day ahead of us.

After arriving at St. Luke’s, we received a tour of the building and spoke about what we were going to be doing. Every summer, a particular program is put on by the church. Kids of all ages can come together to learn about Jesus at Vacation Bible School. With a magical medieval theme, we had the opportunity to help them decorate and get work done for the VBS events scheduled for this year. By painting and hot gluing “dragon eggs” and helping out with building the St. Luke’s Castle, we spent our time working to make this event special for the kids. With all of the hard work done by the community involved in the St. Luke’s on the Lake Episcopal Church, we were happy to help in any way we could.

Though the joy of pool-noodle sword fighting and making dragon eggs undoubtedly highlights our activities, everything we did today was rewarding and done for the fantastic members of the church who conscientiously devote their days to building the relationships between others and Jesus.